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Denmark To Ban Cash in Largest Prisons to Fight Crime

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Denmark’s government says it will ban cash in the country’s largest prisons and require inmates to pay electronically, to make it “easier to follow the money flow in and out.” Justice Minister Soeren Pape Poulsen says

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Hillary Clinton: Pallets Of Cash To Iran ‘Not A Tit for Tat’

“I think actually this is kind of old news,” Hillary Clinton said in an interview with Colorado’s 9NEWS when she was asked about the Wall Street Journal report. “It was first reported about seven or eight months ago as I recall.”

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Sen. Kirk: $400 Million to Iran ‘Ransom to Kidnappers’

The Obama administration continues to deny that a $400 million cash payment to the Iranian regime in January was a ransom for American captives released that month — even though the Iranian regime has described it as such.


California Shock: Gov. Jerry Brown Opposes Union Ballot Initiatives

Governor Jerry Brown shocked Sacramento on January 8 when he announced his opposition to two November union-backed ballot initiatives that would sell a $9 billion school construction bond and extend Proposition 30 tax surcharges on the wealthy.