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Corpus Christi

Watch: Hurricane Winds Pummel Texas Coastal City

As authorities and local residents braced for the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, extremely strong winds began shaking this coastal city. Police officers stopped their patrolling operation and moved to secure facilities as the storm winds increased.


Hurricane Harvey Upgraded to Major Cat 4 Storm – Landfall in Hours

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Hurricane Harvey to a Category 4 storm, moving it into the “major storm” classification. At 6 p.m. CDT, the NHC reported that Harvey’s achieved sustained winds of 130 mph — 130 to 156 mph is considered Cat 4.

Port O'Conner Harvey 8-25

Texas Lawmakers Fast-track Voter ID Expansion

Leading Texas Republican lawmakers and officials publicly endorsed a bill that would make permanent a voter ID “safety net” allowing those without proper documentation to cast a regular ballot if they sign an affidavit.

Texas Photo ID

Tests Still Can’t ID Contaminant in Corpus Christi Water

ASSOCIATED PRESS — The head of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says he’s “absolutely” certain a chemical leak occurred to contaminate Corpus Christi’s public water supply although 115 tests have failed to show if an asphalt emulsifying agent made it from an industrial mixing tank to the water supply.


Lawsuit: Refinery to Blame for Water Contamination

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Citizens continue to fight over the few water bottles left in this city as a lawsuit now alleges that a local energy refinery is to blame for the contamination alert issued Wednesday.

Corpus water 3

Water Contamination Halts Texas Coastal City

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nearly all activity in this coastal city has come to a halt after government officials issued a late night alert about a chemical contamination in the water system.

Corpus water

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Shrimpers Net Cuban Mummy

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Authorities continue to search for answers as to how a raft with the mummified body of a Cuban national floated to the Texas coast. It remains unclear how many may have drowned along the way.

Texas Beach

Human Smugglers Engage Texas Cops in High-Speed Chases

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Authorities in multiple counties north of the Texas border have been engaged in dangerous, high-speed chases with SUVs loaded with illegal immigrants as they try to get around U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints.

Immigrants in Duval 1

Houston Cabbie Caught Smuggling Illegal Immigrants

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Houston area taxi driver was allegedly trying to smuggle two Central American illegal aliens when local sheriff’s deputies caught up with him during a traffic stop.

Human Smuggling Taxi

Texas Police Raid Marijuana Growing Operation

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A man and his stepson have been accused of using their house in the city of Alice as an underground marijuana growing facility. During a recent raid, authorities found more than 60 plants that were allegedly being grown by the two men.

Marijuana house 1

Texas Man Accused of Barbecuing His Dog

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Authorities have arrested a man who is believed to have killed his dog and then roasted him in his barbecue pit.


Atheist Loses Lawsuit Against Church, Can Never Sue Again

Atheist activist Patrick Greene lost his lawsuit today against Abundant Life Fellowship Church in Corpus Christi, Texas—a church represented by First Liberty Institute—admitting that his lawsuit was “baseless,” and submitting to a court order never to bring such a frivolous lawsuit in the future.

Sagemont Church Cross