Government of Jamaica Fights Zika with Dancehall Reggae Anthem

The Jamaican Ministry of Health is using dancehall reggae to warn its citizens to exercise extra caution to avoid creating potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes as the Zika virus pandemic sweeping South America threatens to travel north to the Caribbean.

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Mexico Soccer Win Shuts Down OC Intersection

Mexico Gold Cup soccer win celebrants in Santa Ana, California caused police to shut down a portion of a major street in order to protect pedestrians from erratic drivers spinning doughnuts.

Mexico Gold Cup (Don Emmert / AFP / Getty)

Obama On Legal Weed: ‘We Will See How That Experiment Works’

In one of his most lengthy conversations to date about the legalization of marijuana, President Obama admitted that the states of Colorado and Washington are an interesting experiment in the social consequences of legalizing the drug.

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