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Magic Johnson Hints Kobe Bryant Should Get Into Politics

The Los Angeles Lakers retired both of Kobe Bryant’s jersey numbers Monday night at Staples Center. Team president Magic Johnson shared a speech about Bryant’s amazing NBA career and concluded that he thinks Bryant should get into politics and use his

Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant and President Barack Obama posing during the Los Angeles Lakers' White House visit in 2010

Kobe Bryant Misses Barack Obama

Former Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant says he misses President Barack Obama. The 44th president spent a lot of time pandering to the sports world, especially professional basketball and Bryant misses the personal attention.

Kobe Bryant

NBA Names All-Star Game Starters

The NBA announced its All-Star Game starters, and Kobe Bryant led the balloting to win a spot playing in his 18th such midseason exhibition.


Not Done Yet—Kobe Bryant May Play in 2016 Olympics

After announcing Sunday he plans to hang up his sneakers at the end of the 2015-16 NBA season, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant may play in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.


Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant announced his retirement from basketball effective at the end of the 2015-2016 campaign, saying that “this season is all I have left to give.”

Slimming Kobe Bryant minutes signal retirement

Kobe Bryant to Retire After Season—or Not

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant said on Tuesday that he will delay making any retirement decisions until after his 2015-2016 NBA campaign.


Thought of the Day: The Pope v. Capitalism

By all accounts, the Pope is a man who cares deeply for the world’s poor. But he is less sound when it comes to matters of history and economics.


Lakers Can Grab Kobe’s Replacement at No. 2

The big excitement out of the gates in the NBA Draft hinges on if the Los Angeles Lakers pick guard D’Angelo Russell out of Ohio State to play as a temporary backcourt mate and ultimate heir to Kobe Bryant.

Air Jordans Black History Month

Nike Sells Black Sneakers to Celebrate Black History Month

Nike celebrates Black History Month by selling black sneakers. Surely the folks at Converse bang their Chuck Taylors against their foreheads for not coming up with this idea the world has patiently waited 4.6 billion years for.

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Do Stats Back Kobe On European Superiority?

Kobe Bryant made waves by stating that European players are taught better fundamentals than Americans. Our statistical analysis shows the average international player in the NBA is a better shooter, rebounder and overall player than his American counterpart, but…

Kobe Bryant calls teammates soft as toilet paper

Kobe: Americans Lag Behind Europeans in Basketball Fundamentals

A few months after the NBA celebrated its first season with more than 100 foreign players on rosters one of the association’s biggest stars laments the dearth of fundamentals imparted to American players that has led to the relative decline in U.S. players.