Marijuana smuggling

Drug Cartels Utilize Makeshift Ferry to ‘Float-Over’ Drugs from Mexico to Texas

Drug cartels operating in Mexico frequently employ creative means to smuggle narcotics across the border into the United States. One such method, unique to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, is referred to by Border Patrol agents as a “Float-Over.”  The technique involves using a makeshift ferry to move an SUV or pick-up truck, pre-loaded with narcotics, across the Rio Grande River.

Border Patrol agents find a makeshift ferry used to smuggle drugs across the Rio Grande. (

Smugglers Changing Tactics in Laredo Sector of Texas Border

More than 130 pounds of marijuana was seized on Wednesday morning when U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Laredo South Sector discovered a vehicle leaving a known smuggling area along the Rio Grande River. The driver led agents on a short chase and crashed back into the river in what is described as a “splashdown” event. Breitbart Texas has learned this is a new technique for smugglers in the Laredo sector.

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