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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the NRA Leadership Forum on Friday, May 20, 2016, in Louisville, Ky. (Mark Cornelison/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS via Getty Images)

Klukowski: Second Amendment and Due Process Allow NRA-Backed White House Proposal on “Extreme Risk Protection Orders”

The National Rifle Association is right to support President Trump’s call for state-level Emergency Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) – under which a court can take guns in rare situations for just a few days when there is evidence that a person may be on the verge of extreme violence – because such temporary measures are consistent with the original meaning of the Constitution’s Second Amendment and Due Process Clause.


Maher: Trump’s Tax Plan Proves ‘Mental Illness Is Sad’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher stated President Trump’s tax plan is proof that “Mental illness is sad, ladies and gentlemen.” Maher said, “Mental illness is sad, ladies and gentlemen. I think –. If you need proof


GOP Rep Tim Murphy Touts Mental Health Reform During GOP Address

During Thursday’s GOP Weekly Address, Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA) touted mental health reforms signed into law by President Obama last week. Transcript as Follows: “This picture means so much to me. I keep it on my desk in my congressional office.

Homeless in San Francisco (Beth Pollak / Facebook)

After Wasting $7B, CA to Spend $2B to House Homeless

After years of wasting $7 billion trying to support homeless mentally ill on the streets, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on July 1 to use $2 billion of Prop 63 bond money to build 14,000 housing units for the population.


Gun Control Cannot Fix Evil

In the push for gun control undertaken in the wake of the heinous attack on Umpqua Community College, the left has presented the usual dichotomy to the American people–one that pits law-abiding citizens against citizens with mental illness. Lost in this dichotomy is a third and very important category–namely, citizens who are evil or are driven by evil intent.


Did Andreas Lubitz Spike Germanwings Captain’s Coffee?

One of the remaining questions in the Germanwings plane crash concerns the timing of the co-pilot’s decision to commit mass murder/suicide. Andreas Lubitz needed to lock the captain out of the cockpit to put his plan into motion. What would have happened if Captain Patrick Sondheimer did not have to use the bathroom?


Report: Germanwings Co-Pilot Tore Up Doctor’s Note Excusing Him from Flight

The Germanwings story is mutating with incredible speed. At first we were assured by the company that young co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who evidently crashed the plane on purpose and killed 150 people, was “100% fit to fly,” with no physical or mental problems whatsoever. Then we were told Lubitz took an extended break from pilot training for counseling to deal with “burnout” and emotional stress, but that was back in 2008, so it wasn’t necessarily relevant to his behavior this week.