Murdered Mexican Journalists

Murdered Journalist's car

VIDEO: Two Mexican Journalists Shot in Ambush, One Dead

A team of gunmen ambushed two Mexican journalists in the city of Hermosillo, Sonoro, killing one of them and injuring the second one. The murder marks the third murder of a journalist in 2019 and the fifth murder of its kind since Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office in December 2018.

Pictures of journalists recently murdered in different Mexican states lay on the ground at Independence Angel square during a protest by journalists in Mexico City, on May 16, 2017

19 Mexican Journalists Murdered So Far in 2018

A team of gunmen in Central Mexico ambushed and killed a journalist as he drove home from work. The slaying marks the 19th murder of a journalist in Mexico this year and the second of its kind since a new preside

Pictures of journalists recently murdered in different Mexican states lay on the ground at Independence Angel square during a protest by journalists in Mexico City, on May 16, 2017

Another Mexican Journalist Murdered: 14th in 2018

Two gunmen in Mexico shot and killed a journalist who exposed political corruption in the state of Chiapas. The journalist had previously been targeted for kidnapping and death. The murder raises the death toll to 14 Mexican journalists killed in the first nine months of 2018.

moises sanchez

Two Mexican Cops Sentenced for Beheading Journalist on Mayor’s Order

Two Mexican police officers from Veracruz were sentenced for their roles in the kidnapping and beheading of journalist Moises Sanchez. The mayor of Medellin, the alleged mastermind of the murder, remains at large while the municipal public safety director who reportedly ordered the officers to act was released.

Tamaulipas murdered journalist

Gobierno Estatal Fronterizo Ofrece Recompensa por Información Sobre Periodista Asesinado

El gobierno del estado de Tamaulipas ha intensificado sus esfuerzos en la investigación de un periodista asesinado en la ciudad fronteriza de Nuevo Laredo ofreciendo una recompensa en efectivo por cualquier información que conduzca a las personas que están detrás de ello. La organización criminal conocida como Cártel Del Noreste tiene un control férreo en esa ciudad y ha logrado sofocar a los medios locales.

Tamaulipas murdered journalist

Mexican Border State Government Offers Cash for Tips on Murdered Journalist

The state government of Tamaulipas stepped up efforts in the investigation of a murdered journalist in Nuevo Laredo by offering a cash reward for information. The criminal organization known as Cartel Del Noreste has an iron grip in that city and has managed to muzzle local media.

Los Zetas

Cartel Silencia Prensa Fronteriza Para No Cubrir Homicidio de Periodista

NUEVO LAREDO, Tamaulipas — Los medios de esta ciudad fronteriza sufrieron la denominada ley mordaza en sus publicaciones ante el asesinato de un respetado periodista este fin de semana. La orden de no reportar sobre el homicidio ni hacer protestas o llamar la atención al caso vino de parte del cartel que domina esta ciudad.

Adame's disappearance in May sparked protests in Mexico City by journalists from Michoacan state, where his remains were found

Mexico Witnesses First Murdered Journalist for 2018

Only days into the new year, a robbery gone wrong yielded the first murder of a Mexican journalist for 2018. The victim, an editor for one of the country’s largest newspapers, was buying toys for a holiday celebration.

Photos of killed journalists and cameras lie outside the Veracruz state representation office during a journalists protest in Mexico City on February 11, 2016

Investigators Blame Murdered Mexican Journalist’s Death on Cartel Ties

While the United Nations is condemning the murder of another Mexican journalist who was killed while watching his son’s Christmas pageant, government officials doubted the victim’s current profession and accused him of having ties to a criminal organization.