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University Considers Removal of Bibles and Crosses from Chapel

An Oklahoma public university is reconsidering its original decision to remove religious articles from its chapel after it received a complaint from an organization that describes itself as a “national religious liberty watchdog group.”

Queering the Bible

Trump Directs USDA to Open Restricted Lands for Grazing After Wildfires

President Donald Trump directed the U.S.D.A. to open up lands restricted by the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in three states that lost millions of acres and thousands of head of livestock from wildfires. “After touring a family ranch in Ashland, Kan.,

scorched prairie Michael SchumacherAP

Russian Request to Send Election Monitors to Texas Denied

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – The Consulate General of the Russian Federation has asked a number of southern states, including Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, if they could monitor Election Day activities at various sites.


‘F**k Blue Lives,’ Shouts Houston Black Lives Matter

At least one Black Lives Matter protester in Houston was reported to yell “F**k blue lives” while others chanted “Pig, pig, bang, bang.” The anti-police rhetoric came during a protest march in Houston’s predominantly black historic Third Ward on Saturday evening.

BLM Houston Protest

Mother-Daughter Arrested for Incest After Marriage

Police in Oklahoma say a mother has married not one, but two of her biological children. On Wednesday, the mother and her daughter were arrested for incest, reports NBC4i. 43-year-old Patricia Ann Spann and Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 25, married earlier this year,