‘Child’ Migrant Accused of Raping and Trying to Kill Young Girl Lied About His Age

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A “child” migrant accused of raping and trying to murder a young girl in Sweden has been revealed to be at least 15 rather than his recorded age of 13 – old enough to face criminal prosecution.

The supposed minor, who was arrested last month for allegedly raping and attempting to murder a nine-year-old girl in the city of Skellefteå, was initially thought to be 13, but police have clarified that his parents gave the wrong birthdate to Swedish authorities when they entered the country.

“The parents have explained in police interviews that they accidentally gave the wrong date of birth for their son when they arrived in Sweden. It also seems to be something that has since been pointed out to Swedish authorities,” prosecutor Irene Falk said.

Prosecutors also conducted medical tests to determine the migrant’s age and the results indicate that he is at least 15 years of age.

“Since the results of the medical age assessment confirm what the suspect and his parents have stated – that he is 15 years old – we will [use this] as a starting point in the further proceedings,” Falk said.

While the alleged rape and attempted murder took place last month, the victim is still said to be hospitalised due to her injuries. According to the prosecutor, these were so severe she may have difficulty remembering the incident.

As of July 25th, the girl was said to be awake and no longer in intensive care.

Jens Nyström, the lawyer for the migrant, stated that his client had already admitted to being 15 and that the medical exam does not change much in the case, except for the fact he can now face criminal punishment.

According to Swedish broadcaster SVT, the migrant has been involved in several other cases of abusive behaviour toward pupils at his former school — but these cases were closed in 2020 when he was transferred to a special-needs school.

The case comes after an Eritrean migrant, who claimed to be 16, was sentenced to just seven years in prison for murdering a 15-year-old classmate in 2019.

Medical tests revealed that the Eritrean was at least 18, with one witness claiming he was 21.

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