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Cartel Secuestra Agentes Federales para Grabar Mensaje Amenazante Contra el Gobierno

Dos agentes especializados en investigar a los carteles de la droga fueron secuestrados por uno de los mismos carteles que investigan. A punta de pistola, los agentes fueron forzados a grabar un video donde dicen que el gobierno roba, tortura y secuestra a los criminales con impunidad total y que los carteles se han cansado. Se desconoce el paradero de los agentes.

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WATCH: Mexican Cartel Uses Kidnapped Federal Cops to Make Threats Against Government

Two Mexican federal agents investigating drug cartels were kidnapped by the same people they had been tracking. At gunpoint, the officers were forced to record a video where they say that the government steals, tortures, and kidnaps cartel members with complete impunity. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

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Lideres Mexicanos Vuelven a Mentir en Lucha Con USA por Narco Extradicion

Las autoridades mexicanas afirman que no estuvieron de acuerdo con la futura extradición a Estados Unidos de un gobernador fugitivo buscado en Texas por cargos de narcotráfico y lavado de dinero. Mientras el gobierno de Estados Unidos ha solicitado al gobierno italiano su extradición, México sólo ha solicitado información sobre su ubicación.

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Mexican Leaders Caught Lying Again in Cartel Extradition Fight with U.S.

Saving face, Mexican officials are claiming they did not agree to the U.S. extradition of a fugitive governor wanted in Texas for drug trafficking and money laundering charges. While the U.S. government has requested from the Italian government his extradition, Mexico has only requested information as to his location.

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Mexican Authorities Grab Alleged Cartel Sex Trafficker Wanted in U.S.

Mexican authorities arrested a sexual predator allegedly responsible for forcing dozens of underage girls into prostitution in Texas, New York, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. The man was listed as one of the top 10 most wanted fugitives by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Lawsuit Accuses Texan of Using Mexican Officials to Extort Partner

EDINBURG, Texas — A businessman from Austin, Texas, has been accused of using a corrupt Mexican judge and a diplomat to file fake arrest warrants extorting $2.8 million from a former business partner. The scheme placed the victim into U.S. law enforcement databases as a wanted man so he would be detained by immigration authorities. The man was temporarily detained and released multiple times.

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Mexican Cartel Sicarios Crossed into Texas and Kidnapped U.S. Citizen

MCALLEN, Texas — A kidnapping cell from the Mexican Gulf Cartel crossed into the Texas border city of Sullivan and took a man at gunpoint from his house. The cartel sicarios then brought the U.S. citizen into Mexico where they held him for ransom. The kidnapping took place on August 27 in Sullivan City, Texas, after which the victim was taken on a raft over the Rio Grande and then taken to the Mexican border city of Reynosa, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.