Scholar Carol Swain Tells Breitbart News Daily: If Harvard President Claudine Gay Was a ‘White Male’ She Would Be Fired

Political scientist and legal professional Carol Swain told SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily host Mike Slater on Tuesday that Harvard President Claudine Gay “is a fraud” and “an embarrassment,” and that “she should resign.” The scholar and former professional, who Gay is accused of plagiarizing from, added, “if she were a white male, or even a white female, caught in the scandal that she’s caught in — they would be going by now.”


Publisher Retracts Chemistry Textbook over Allegations of Extensive Wikipedia Plagiarism

Academic publisher Elsevier has retracted an entire chemistry textbook about the periodic table of elements this year after learning of allegations that significant portions were copied from Wikipedia uncredited, at times including near-verbatim text. The apparent plagiarism was uncovered by a Wikipedia editor who attempted and failed to get the book’s authors to address the issue before contacting the publisher.

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