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Iranian Women’s Soccer Team Consists Mostly of Men

One would not normally think of Iran as a leader in trans-gendered progressive ideology, but when officials began poking around beneath the Islamic head scarves and long-sleeved jerseys worn by players on the Iranian women’s soccer team, they were surprised to discover that most of the players were – to use the hetero-normative language of the obsolete patriarchy – men.

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Prisoner’s Sex Change Surgery Delay May Still Leave Taxpayers Footing the Bill

$100,000. That’s the prison’s estimated cost of the sex change operation California inmate Michelle-Lael Norsworthy demanded and was scheduled to receive in July before a Thursday court order delayed the first ever prison-paid procedure of its kind in California. But even if he’s released on parole, the taxpayers could still have the privilege of picking up the tab under Medi-Cal, says one bay area legal director.

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