Message From Hurricane Harvey: Americans Helping Each Other

After three days of Hurricane Harvey, the message emerging from Houston and the Texas coast is not one of chaos and destruction, but of collective strength, as Americans help each other survive through the worst of circumstances.

Hurricane Harvey Houston Texas helping (Joe Raedle / Getty)

Hillary Clinton Brings in California Volunteers to Swing Nevada

As Republican presidential nominee prepares to hold a campaign rally at the Venetian Hotel on Sunday morning, hoping to reach voters in a crucial swing state, Hillary Clinton is bringing hundreds of volunteers from California to make the difference in Nevada.

Reno Democrats (Joel Pollak : Breitabrt News)

Republican National Convention: Cleveland Rocked!

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Some of us owe Cleveland an apology. When the Republican National Committee announced the host city for the 2016 convention, the smart set put it down to pure political calculation: the GOP needs Ohio to win, hence Ohio.

Cleveland convention (Domick Reuter / AFP / Getty)

Public Responds After Thieves Steal Donated Food from the Needy

Thieves raided and stole hundreds of pounds of food meant for needy children and families last week from Garden Grove-based charity Grandma’s House of Hope. But thanks to a public outpouring of support, all of that food was recovered and those in need walked away with bags of nourishment to fill their otherwise empty stomachs.

Grandma's House of Hope (Facebook)

Volunteers Chased Away from Oil Spill in Santa Barbara

On Thursday, volunteers who had joined professional environmental cleanup contractors to remove the detritus from a Wednesday oil spill that washed up on Refugio State Beach were asked to go home and leave the job to the experts.

Oil Spill (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

Mother’s Day: Child Advocates Celebrate CASA Volunteers

Child Advocates of Fort Bend celebrates volunteers who give their time and love to children in child welfare custody who do not have a mother or mother-figure with them on Mother’s Day. You too can become a CASA volunteer.