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Live Updates: Ferguson Mayhem Continues Without Curfew

Breitbart News will cover live updates of Monday's continuation of the nightly clashes between protesters and police in the town of Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of Michael Brown. While protesters seeking prosecution of the officer who shot and killed Brown, another element in the unrest has been destruction and thievery at local businesses by rioters and looters. 18 Aug 2014

Michael Brown's Grandfather to Obama: 'I Voted for You,' So Come Meet Me

President Obama has become notorious among his Missouri supporters for not visiting the embattled city, and the grandfather of the teen shot by police there a week ago is perturbed over the President's distance. This week he went on TV to remind Obama he voted for him and urge the President to make his way to Ferguson to stand with his family. 18 Aug 2014

New York Times Sours On Obama Executive Amnesty

A new New York Times story detailing President Obama's overtures to the powerful business lobby ahead of planned executive actions on immigration is strikingly negative and suggests the plan continues to lose currency with the liberal intelligentsia in Washington. 18 Aug 2014

DOJ: Over 40 FBI Agents Investigating in Ferguson

The Justice Department under Eric Holder has issued a press release detailing its "civil rights investigation" in Ferguson. Among the revelations is that over 40 FBI agents are conducting an independent investigation of the scene of Michael Brown's death: 18 Aug 2014

22 Iowa County Jails to No Longer Honor ICE Detainers

The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa announced Monday that 22 Iowa county jails will no longer honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests to detain inmates suspected of immigration violations unless a judge has approved a warrant to that end. 18 Aug 2014

Michael Brown Allegedly Attacked Officer Before Fatal Shooting

Before he was shot and killed, Michael Brown allegedly bum rushed officer Darren Wilson multiple times, punched him in the face, grabbed his gun and caused it to discharge, and even taunted Wilson, saying, "You're not going to shoot me," according to a woman who claims to know Wilson's significant other. 18 Aug 2014

How the Obama Administration Threw Gas on the Ferguson Fire

Last week, prompted by complaints about his statement of sympathy on the death of Robin Williams while remaining silent on the killing of an unarmed black man by police, President Barack Obama issued a statement about the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. 18 Aug 2014

Obama Has Golfed for 29.5 Hours on Vacation (So Far)

Even as Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon calls National Guard troops to attempt to quell the Ferguson riots and looting, President Barack Obama will resume his luxury vacation at a posh, $12 million, 17-room mansion in tony Martha's Vineyard for five more days after a short trip back to the White House. 18 Aug 2014

Run on Gas Masks in Ferguson

The use of tear gas by Missouri law enforcement has caused a run on gas masks in the St. Louis area. Local residents, reporters, and video production crews are making last minute calls to places like Uncle Sam’s military surplus only to find out that gas masks, gas mask filters, and bullet proof vests are all sold out. 18 Aug 2014

Katie Pavlich Takes Down the Feminist Marxists

As this memorable story from Horowitz's autobiography shows, radical feminists are not unaware of their hypocrisy. And in 2012, it reached a fevered pitch. After living through such an insufferable charade, Katie Pavlich had had enough. She was determined to fight back, and put her remarkable talent as a writer, reporter, and political warrior to work. The outcome is her enormously entertaining and hard hitting exposé Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women. 18 Aug 2014

Gates-Funded Non-Profit to Oversee Common Core-Aligned Curriculum

For at least four years now, Common Core champions have been insisting that the new standards are “just standards, not curriculum.” States and local school districts, they say, can choose whatever curriculum they like. A new non-profit organization, however, has been tasked with reviewing classroom textbooks and other instructional materials to ensure they are aligned with the Common Core standards. 18 Aug 2014

Missouri Governor Orders National Guard to Ferguson

Missouri's governor on Monday ordered the National Guard to a St. Louis suburb convulsed by protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, after a night in which police used tear gas to clear protesters off the streets well ahead of a curfew. 18 Aug 2014

Hoax? Facebook Posting from 'Darren Wilson' Details Shooting

There are still a lot of stories swirling around the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last week, and to add to the din is a Facebook posting purportedly by officer "Darren Wilson" that seems to corroborate some previously reported information. However, others claim the posting is a hoax. 17 Aug 2014

Horowitz: On Ferguson, Libertarians Playing with Fire

As Congress remains in a protracted recess for another three weeks and the political news recedes from the headlines, it didn’t take long for the nonpolitical event surrounding the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, to become political. After all, everything in this day and age is ultimately politicized. 17 Aug 2014

Landrieu's New Subsidy: Cash for Charters

Caught using congressional office funds to pay for expensive charter flights to political fundraisers, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) says her office has been reimbursed for the cost of one flight, which she has paid for with campaign funds. Landrieu also promises to reimburse her office for the cost of a second flight. 17 Aug 2014

Obama: I'm Not That Powerful

President Obama is increasingly seeking to explain his foreign policy failures by saying he's not powerful enough to influence foreign events, according to the New York Times. 17 Aug 2014

Conservatives Unite In Iowa

Last Saturday, I was honored to have my organization Citizens United cosponsor a fantastic event with Bob Vander Plaats and the Family Leader in Ames, Iowa on the campus of Iowa State University. The Family Leadership Summit is an annual event which consistently draws large crowds of conservative activists and the top names in the conservative movement. 17 Aug 2014


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