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The penumbra of power expands again

In response to AP Faults Businesses for Following Obamacare Rules as Written:

This reminds me of those Apple executives getting hauled in front of Congress to explain why they didn't voluntarily drag their overseas income back to the United States, so our tax-hungry regime could grab a cut.  A great penumbra of expectations exists around hard-core legislative power.  The law states what we are required to do, but Big Government goes further and tells us what it expects from us.  It is very unhappy when we don't act in accordance when we do what is allowed, rather than what we were "supposed" to do.

As power grows, the penumbra expands.  The government has interests in every aspect of American life, and while it's already micro-regulating much of it, there are grand strategies piled on top of what it has explicitly legislated.  And we're already far past the point where the Leviathan State actually pays for what it demands, or honestly informs the populace about how much its proposals will cost.  Unfunded mandates shift massive amounts of cost off the government's books and drop them on private industries... which are then demonized if they try to pass those costs along to their customers.  The biggest shell game in Washington is the manipulation of those sacred Congressional Budget Office cost estimates, by the simple expedient of pushing the really awful financial damage beyond the 10-year forecast window.  That's how the ObamaCare fraudsters were able to pretend this utter disaster would be relatively inexpensive.  (It seems almost surreal to remember it now, but Obama and his squad of liars used to pretend ObamaCare would actually reduce the deficit.)

Private-sector leaders know what the ruling class wants them to do.  Never mind what the law actually says.  Why won't you greedy, rebellious cretins bend the knee and obey?


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