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Warner Todd Huston

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Hillary Clinton Staffers Drove ‘Ordinary Americans’ to Photo Op

As reporters literally ran to Hillary Clinton’s “Mystery Van'” campaign stops in Iowa on her first day of campaigning, what many did not report was that the “ordinary Americans” with whom she met for purportedly spontaneous discussions were actually plants. The meetings were scripted, pre-arranged affairs filled with people transported to the events by Hillary staffers.

Lefty Billionaire Tom Steyer Once Again Using His Billions to Criticize Money in Politics

Coal investment tycoon and global warming pusher Tom Steyer uses his billions as a weapon to shape government leftward, and this week he is again using his billions to criticize the libertarian-minded Koch brothers for using their own money to shape government rightward. For a second time now, Styer is calling for the Kochs to join him in a "debate" on climate change.

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