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Victoria's Secret Under Fire for 'Perfect Body' Campaign

Victoria's Secret has been put in the hot seat by three young women from the United Kingdom who are asking that the lingerie brand apologize for their new bra campaign entitled "The Perfect Body" which they say sends the wrong message to women, reports the Daily Mail. 29 Oct 2014

Marvel Revolutionized Hollywood and That's Good News for Conservatives

There was the sound revolution that came with Al Jolson's "Jazz Singer"; the Easy Rider-Raging Bull revolution with the end of the Production Code; the blockbuster revolution borne of "Jaws" and "Star Wars"; and the independent revolution of the 90s. And now, for better or worse, the Marvel Revolution is official and upon us. 29 Oct 2014

Berkeley Students Turn Against Bill Maher Over Islam Comments

On his HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher" and elsewhere, Bill Maher has spent more than a decade thrashing Christianity. But now that he's speaking some politically incorrect truths about the religion of Islam, some students at Berkeley have had enough. Students are petitioning the school to drop Maher as a 2014 commencement speaker. According to a just-aired MSNBC report, the petition has 10,000 signatures. 28 Oct 2014


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