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Bill Maher Clueless that Tea Party Bashes Crony Capitalism

Last week, HBO Real Time host Bill Maher went on a bizarre rant against conservatives for having an "unshakeable" belief in free markets, which Maher says is in error because big business and Washington have snuffed out competition by engaging in crony capitalism. 27 Jul 2014, 7:52 AM PDT

Box Office: 'Lucy" #1, 'Hercules' #2, Slump Continues

Though no title did well enough to lift the box office out of its stunning summer slump, in their weekend debuts, both "Lucy" and "Hercules" are doing better than expected. Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy" easily snatched first place with a $43 million debut. Dwayne Johnson's "Hercules" could nudge $30 million, which would put it about $5 to $7 million above some previous estimates. 26 Jul 2014

'Lucy' Review: Bloated Concept, Uninspired Action

"Lucy" reminds me a lot of "Brainstorm" (1983) and "Dreamscape" (1984), two films from my high school days that reran endlessly on HBO. Both tried to paper over unwieldy concepts by throwing bucketfuls of cutting-edge special effects at a dull story that eventually collapsed. "Lucy" isn't dull but it is uninspired and does collapse. 25 Jul 2014

'Hercules' Review: Old-Fashioned Pulp Perfection

One unexpected and welcome twist is that Hercules is a bona fide hero, not an anti-hero (in the source material Hercules is a mean-tempered bisexual. Thankfully, there's not even a hint of that.). When you consider that Hercules is a roving mercenary and the state of movies today, I was legitimately surprised that when we first meet him, Hercules is already a righteous man only willing to fight for a just cause. 25 Jul 2014


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