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'The Maze Runner' Review: Lost Boys Vs. The Stability of Tyranny

Thomas, as you would expect, is different from the others. The film's story and theme take a nice turn as soon as the buzzword "coexist" is hurled. Some of the boys are unwilling to trade the security of their present situation with the risks involved in breaking the unspoken rules laid down by their jailers. Stability under the thumb of an oppressor, they believe, is preferable to a costly war for freedom. Guess which side our hero falls on. 19 Sep 2014

'A Walk Among the Tombstones' Review: Dark, Compelling Anti-'Taken'

"A Walk Among the Tombstones" is not "Taken." In mood and tone, it's much closer to "8MM" (1999) and to Neeson's own brilliant but underrated existential thriller "The Grey" (2011). The year is 1999. The world is bleak. The Y2K apocalypse looms. The city is New York, but it's not the real New York. Giuliani doesn't exist. David Dinkins still runs things and Disney and Applebee's haven't yet moved in. 19 Sep 2014

Madison Rising Delivers Rocking Constitution Day Show in Philly

They've played at huge professional and college athletic events. NFL halftime shows and Army-Navy pre-game performances are on their impressive resume. But Wednesday night, the patriotic rock band Madison Rising took the stage at the site of one of the greatest victories in the history of mankind. 18 Sep 2014

BIG: Showtime, CBS Likely to Break From Bundled Cable

Deadline reports that CEO Les Moonves announced to investors Wednesday of the "strong possibility" that both Showtime and CBS will soon be available to consumers through Internet streaming and outside of a bundled cable package. Moonves' trial balloon comes just days after HBO floated one of its own. 18 Sep 2014


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