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Joy Behar: Palin Should Be 'Turning Letters Over on Some Game Show'

Failed television personality and comedian Joy Behar lashed out at the suggestion that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could be a co-host on The View even though, as Nikke Finke reported on, Palin has been working behind the scenes to try to get Tammy Bruce on the panel as the anti-Rosie O'Donnell. 22 Jul 2014

Sarah Palin Drives Stake Through Heart of 'True Blood' Producers

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rejected overtures from True Blood's producers for a cameo role on the conservative-bashing vampire show. Her instincts proved to be correct after Sunday's HBO episode in which Republican women were once again demeaned when one of the lead characters said in horror, "Oh my God, I'm a Republi-c*nt." 22 Jul 2014

Estonia Rescinds Steven Seagal Invite Over Putin Praise

Organizers of a blues festival in the Baltic nation of Estonia have rescinded an invitation to Steven Seagal over the actor's recent comments praising Russian president Vladmir Putin. Seagal, also a musician, was scheduled to headline the country's annual blues festival. The announcement was met with what The Guardian describes as a "swift outcry" and threats of a festival boycott. 21 Jul 2014

War On Women HBO-Style: 'Republi-c*nt'

On Sunday's night's episode of "True Blood," the fangs literally came out for Republicans in general and Republican women specifically. "Oh my god," one of the show's lead characters exclaims, "I'm a Republi-c*nt." 21 Jul 2014

A Tribute to The Mighty James Garner

Amiable, broad-shouldered, and handsome, Garner spent a half-century easily moving back and forth between television and film roles, a feat very few lead actors have successfully pulled off. Garner was the rare leading man who could spend countless hours in our living rooms without losing the quality that made him a movie star. 21 Jul 2014


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