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Netflix Signs Adam Sandler to Exclusive Four Picture Deal

Mere hours after buggy whip makers theatre owners here in American and around the globe collectively attempted to strangle the streaming/Imax deal between Netflix and The Weinstein Company in the crib, Netflix turned around and shoved its finger deep in the Hollywood system's eye by signing Adam Sandler to a four picture deal. 2 Oct 2014, 7:15 AM PDT

Colbert Joins Politico to Mock, Stop Vetting of Hillary

Tuesday, using the same tactics as the Politico staffers (and a joke stolen without attribution from a Media Matters staffer), The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert ran to Hillary's defense by mocking, dismissing, and nothing-to-hereing the vetting of an individual seeking the most powerful office in the world. 1 Oct 2014

Sophia Bush Takes It to Stalker on Instagram

An online stalker who had issued threats of “gang rape and throat slitting” for several months has reportedly victimized Sophia Bush, but on Monday night the Chicago P.D. actress fired back on Instagram. 1 Oct 2014

'Taken 3' Trailer: 'Good Luck'

The threequel looks promising, at least like it won't be boring. And killing a wife is always a nice start for a revenge film. "Taken 3" -- sorry, "Tak3n" -- opens January 9. 1 Oct 2014


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