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Jerry Brown Will Not Rescind Parole of School Bus Hijacker

On Thursday, California Governor Jerry Brown let a deadline pass and refused to rescind a decision by a parole board to release 63-year-old James Schoenfeld, one of the three men convicted of kidnapping 26 children and their school bus driver in 1976 and holding them hostage in a trailer.

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CA Schools 9th Worst in America

The personal finance social network WalletHub ranked public school systems around the nation, and found that California’s ranked as the ninth-worst. Factors measured by WalletHub included: Test results in reading and math Remote-learning opportunities from online public schools Dropout rate

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Windows 10: Tech Media May Need New Company to Hate

For a company that is regularly scowled at by the tech media, Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 10 over the last 48 hours has been amazingly smooth, and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. In what for Microsoft is a paradigm shift, the

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Ballot Measure Will Require Public Vote on Statewide Spending Projects

Activists enraged by California’s runaway spending have begun a campaign for the “Stop Blanks Check” ballot initiative. The measure, sure to make the ballot next November, thanks to $3 million in contributions and loans from wealthy Stockton-area formers and business owners Dean and Joan Cortopassi, aims to make sure that big-ticket multi-billion dollar spending projects have to be approved by the voters before they can move forward.

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Accused Child Killer in Santa Cruz is 15-year-old Neighbor

The search for little 8-year-old Madyson Middleton in Santa Cruz ended with the discovery of her lifeless body–and the arrest of 15-year-old neighbor Adrian Jerry Gonzalez, who is being charged as an adult for the crimes of murder, kidnapping and sexual assault.

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