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Newsweek cover Jan. 28, 2015 (Newsweek)

Feminist Claims Wall Street Culturally Superior to Silicon Valley

Newsweek never recovered from withholding the publication of investigative reporter Michael Isikoff’s expose of an alleged sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in early January 1998. But 17 years later, and two sales of the magazine for $1 each time, the new owners
AP/Coeur d'Alene Press, Shawn Gust

Gov. Jerry Brown Hit With Massive $1 Billion Common Core Bill

A rather expensive development has surfaced on the way to installing Common Core into California’s hundreds of school districts statewide. Officials have figured out that the big government initiative could collectively cost districts $1 billion every year to set up a new statewide testing system supporting the new curriculum.
REUTERS/Lori Shepler

Los Angeles Now Home to America’s First All-Women Mosque

On Friday, Los Angeles became home to the first mosque in the United States to be dedicated solely to women, marking the first time the traditional Friday call to prayer (jumma'a) and subsequent sermon (khutbah) was led by a female. While female-only mosques exist in China, this is the first of its kind in America.
Jae C.Hong/AP

Unrelenting Measles Outbreak Climbs to 107

More measles cases are appearing by the day in an outbreak that began mid-December in the traveler-magnet Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California. In numbers updated Friday, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reports 91 cases confirmed within California and has reported 16 outside the state for a total 107 measles-infected persons.

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