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Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Blue State Blues: The Media Suddenly Discover Presidential Ethics

It is gratifying to watch the media suddenly discover such concepts as the independence of the judiciary, conflicts of interest, and press freedom. For the eight years of President Barack Obama’s tenure, the media treated conservatives who raised those concerns as racists, or cranks, or both.

Remembering Andrew Breitbart: ‘F*ck You, John Podesta!’

In 2010, Andrew Breitbart recognized Clinton campaign chair John Podesta as one of the biggest, most corrupt figures in Washington, D.C. Breitbart understood that the biggest threats to America were those who pulled the strings behind the scenes to gain enormous personal power, money, and influence.

Reminder: MSM Denied and Attacked Breitbart Exposure of Weiner Scandal

With Monday’s news that Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin is – finally – leaving her husband Anthony Weiner after his most recent sexting scandal hit the New York Post Sunday night, it is worth remembering it was Andrew Breitbart and Breitbart News that broke the original scandal. If the mainstream media had had its way, the Weiner scandal would be just another so-called “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Ha’aretz Calls Andrew Breitbart an Antisemite

In an article Friday by Chemi Shalev, the newspaper claims: “Breitbart and other Jews working for his website exemplified the kind of radical right wing Jews who hate their liberal co-religionists most of all: in many ways, they are auto-anti-Semites.”

RIP Mike Flynn

Had Mike Flynn been born a couple of centuries earlier, he’d be the fellow deciding behind which stand of trees Americans would hide to pick off redcoats.

RIP Mike Flynn, My Friend, Editor and Breitbart Warrior

Flynn was a great friend of mine and was my first editor when I came to Breitbart News Network almost four years ago. We’ve worked together on so many different narratives over the years, and he has been a crucial part of the team since Andrew Breitbart launched Big Government and the network of sites that eventually became

Foreign Policy: Meet the Andrew Breitbart of Brazil

At a rally against the Brazilian government on Rio’s Copacabana beach on March 13, Rodrigo Constantino, a 39-year-old right-wing blogger and libertarian think tank director, stood atop a truck draped with a banner emblazoned with the words “Free Brazil Movement,” an anti-Dilma Rousseff group founded after her re-election as president in 2014.


The Heartland Institute Unveils the Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center

On March 1, 2016, the Heartland Institute announced that the event space in its new headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois will be known as the “Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center.” The center can comfortably hold more than 75 people for Heartland’s public events, with the purpose of advancing free markets and individual liberty.

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Rep. Steve King: GOP Establishment Could Back Hillary if Trump or Cruz Wins Nomination

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) appeared on Breitbart News Daily Tuesday morning to support Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in today’s crucial primary elections and to warn that the GOP Establishment is determined to punish Trump and Cruz supporters, and they could even tacitly get behind Hillary Clinton as someone “they can do business with” if Cruz or Trump wins the nomination.