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Keith Olbermann Calls for ‘Immediate Arrest of Jared Kushner’

Wednesday on his GQ Magazine web show, liberal commentator Keith Olbermann called for the “immediate arrest” of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner. Referencing a Washington Post report on alleged communications between Kushner and Russians, Olbermann said, “I call for


Brent Musburger: Olbermann Should Stick to Sports

During the Thursday edition of “The Dan Patrick Show” on NBC Sports, retiring ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger blasted former ESPN host and now GQ host Keith Olbermann over calling for President Donald Trump to resign. Musburger said Olbermann, who used to work


Olbermann: ‘It’s Time for Donald Trump to Resign’

President Donald Trump has not even been in office a week and GQ Magazine “The Resistance” host Keith Olbermann is already calling for his resignation. “It’s time for Donald Trump to resign as president,” Olbermann began. “Admittedly, it’s been an


Olbermann: Donald Trump Is Psychologically Unfit to Be President

In his Monday “The Resistance” special commentary for GQ magazine, Keith Olbermann blasted Presidential-Elect Donald Trump for his actions since his election and questioned his mental stability. “[W]e still await the first serious, sober discussion in our nation’s media about the


Olbermann: Trump Presidency Would Be ‘Putin-Style Dictatorship’

During Monday’s “The Closer,” GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump telling opponent Hillary Clinton in Sunday’s debate that she would be in jail if he was elected. “Make no mistake what you heard between


Olbermann: We Have Had Enough of ‘Mussolini-in-Makeup’ Donald Trump

Thursday, GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann delivered a long rant about “lunatic candidate” and “Mussolini-in-makeup” Donald Trump. Partial transcript of the rant as follows: This campaign, unique in American history since at least the civil war, and if we are


Watch: Olbermann Reveals His Post-ESPN Plans

Yesterday, it was reported that after July 31, Keith Olbermann’s second tenure at ESPN will come to a close. On his Thursday show “Olbermann” on ESPN2, comedian Jim Gaffigan asked him what his post-ESPN plans are, to which Olbermann announced, “I’m going