WATCH: BBC Host ‘Tries to Make Migrant Criminals into Heroes’ in Documentary

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In a revealing video showing the plight of the British truck drivers who routinely run the gauntlet trying to avoid illegally trafficking migrants into the United Kingdom, BBC host Victoria Derbyshire engages in a public relations effort on behalf of the Calais migrants that break into trucks and attempt to make passage into Britain.

The 12 minute-long video (below) follows Derbyshire and her trucker hosts as she tries to convince them that African migrants breaking into their trucks and trying to force their way into Britain illegally are only trying to “flee war” and “get to safety” – ignoring the fact that once the would-be stowaways are in Calais, France, they have already escaped the conflicts they may be fleeing from.

Drivers explain how they can be subject to a fine of £2000 per migrant, and how police, on finding the migrants, simply release them back into the streets so that they can try again another time.

“They carry knives,” the truckers explain, while Derbyshire encourages them to have “sympathy” for them.

Viewers of the video on YouTube were clearly angered by the BBC slant on the video, with one stating: “This woman is trying to make these criminals into heroes, and trying to make the truck driver feel bad for not smuggling them into the uk,” and another commenting, “I found it annoying how she tried to villanise the truck drivers”.




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