Climate Protesters Attempt to Hijack TV Christmas Service, Foiled by German Police

21 December 2022, Berlin: "It's just the top of the Christmas tree" is written on the bann
Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Images

Radical climate activists attempted to hijack a live televised Christmas service in the hopes of preaching their green agenda, but were foiled after the police intercepted their plans.

Members of the Last Generation radical climate action group attempted to hijack a televised Christmas service in Germany on Saturday afternoon, seemingly in the hopes of commandeering the religious ceremony to spread their own green ideology on live television.

The green activism group, which has repeatedly been accused of being an extremist organisation and has even had members’ houses raided by the security police in recent weeks, has plagued Germany with disruptive protests and stunts all year.

According to a press release by police in Stuttgart, a number of climate activists converged on the protestant Resurrection Church in Möhringen yesterday afternoon, in the hopes of disrupting a planned televised service which was due to take place there.

However, in a rather amusing twist, news that the Last Generation was planning to disrupt the service was seemingly obtained by authorities beforehand, and, as such, the planned live service was actually pre-recorded in the venue the day before.

As a result, when eight members of the radical group arrived at the church on Saturday, they found the church closed.

Those within the parish are then said to have called the local police, who located and dealt with two “potential troublemakers” in the group.

While the police were reportedly able to foil the plans of the radical climate activist group this time around, much of the time, those within the Last Generation are successful in causing chaos for the sake of their green ideology.

For example, only earlier this week, two activists from the group were able to “decapitate” a famous Christmas tree in Berlin using a saw and a mobile hydraulic platform.

“We have only seen the tip of the underlying catastrophe in Germany so far,” one activist reportedly declared after the aggressive trimming of the 15-meter-high Nordmann fir on Pariser Platz, near Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate.

The action came only a short while after police nationwide conducted a number of raids against climate activists who had been disrupting the country non-stop throughout the year, with one public prosecutor accusing activists of “forming and supporting criminal organizations”.

In response, green activists in the country lambasted the raids as an attempt at “intimidation” by the government, with an official outlet for the organisation declaring that the group would continue its activities “unchanged” despite the state intervention.

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