Del Rio Sector

Watch: 850 Migrants Cross into Texas Border Town in One Hour

EAGLE PASS, Texas — More than 800 migrants in two evenly split groups crossed the Rio Grande early Wednesday morning. One group almost entirely consisted of Cubans. At the same time and further south of the city, the second group made entry. A third group of 50 crossed within the vicinity and time period as well.

Large Group

GRAPHIC: Migrant Loses Leg in Texas Border City Train Accident

EAGLE PASS, Texas — A migrant woman hoping to elude apprehension by Border Patrol suffered a gruesome injury after falling from a moving train. Law enforcement authorities were alerted to the incident after the woman was discovered by railroad employees Tuesday night. Her leg was completely severed below the knee.

Migrants jump on train to cross U.S. Border. (AP File Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

WATCH: Agents Rescue 5 Migrants from Deadly Texas Border River

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents moved quickly to rescue a group of five migrants who were struggling with the swiftly moving currents of the Rio Grande. One agent jumped into the water to save a woman having trouble staying afloat in the river that separates Texas and Mexico.

Border Patrol agents rescue a group of five migrant in the Rio Grande. (Video Screenshot: U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Single Group of Nearly 600 Migrants Cross into Texas Border Town

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Over the course of an hour, a single group of nearly 600 migrants managed to cross the Rio Grande and surrender to Border Patrol agents. On Friday morning, the group of mostly single adult Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan migrants were quickly sorted by nationality, gender, and family unit status. As buses arrived to transport the migrants to a nearby processing center, agents provided water and took basic biographical data from the migrants.

Large Group

800 Migrants Cross into Texas Border Town in 3 Hours

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Border Patrol agents responded to two separate migrant groups totaling more than 800 crossings Thursday. In what has become commonplace, the two large groups of migrants forded the river and quickly surrendered.