Islamic State Wives Divorcing Jihadis in Droves

A growing number of wives married to Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis are filing for divorce from their husbands as members of the terror group are being forced out of the areas they once controlled.


Berkeley Couple Throws Divorce Party

California couple Michelle Mahoney and Jeff Becerra’s divorce party went viral after their daughter tweeted photos of the separation commemoration.


Polygamy and Divorce on the Rise in War-Torn Syria

Six months after Maha’s husband was killed in Syria’s bloody civil war, the mother-of-two took a decision that has become increasingly common — she became a second wife.

In an entertainment industry seemingly fixated on pro-feminist sensibilities, actress …

Sarah Jessica Parker: ‘I Am Not a Feminist’

In an entertainment industry seemingly fixated on pro-feminist sensibilities, actress and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, in a recent cover story interview with Marie Claire, declared that she is not a feminist.

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Judge Rules Divorced Couple’s Embryos Must Be Destroyed

In the first ruling of its kind in California, a Superior Court judge in San Francisco has ruled that the frozen embryos a woman wants to use to procreate, over her ex-husband’s objections, must be destroyed.

The prescription medicine OxyContin is displayed August 21, 2001 at a Walgreens drugstore in Brookline, MA. The powerful painkiller, manufactured to relieve the pain of seriously ill people, is being used by some addicts to achieve a high similar to a heroin rush. Its popularity among abusers of the drug …

Middle-Class Despair, and Life Without Pain

“Pain is part of life” is not what the culture of 2015 wants to hear, and it’s bound to raise sarcastic chuckles as the impromptu slogan of Bush’s presidential campaign… but he’s right, and the quest to avoid pain has gone far beyond the point of diminishing returns. This is true of every form of discomfort – from physical and emotional pain, to economic anxiety and the “trigger words” culture of hyper-sensitivity on campus.

gay marriage

Lesbians Twice as Likely as Gay Men to Dissolve Civil Partnerships

Lesbian couples are twice as likely to end civil partnerships as gay men, new research has revealed. The research, by a firm of lawyers, analysed the outcomes of nearly 60,000 civil partnerships, and confirms previous similar findings by the government.

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Dear Fag Hags: I Want a Divorce

It’s tough to get me excited about anything gay these days. What was once a fearless, exciting subculture has ossified into a load of uptight house husbands with terrible taste in everything who won’t even deign to share their superior homosexual man-fluid for the good of the species.


Pope Francis: No Change in Doctrine on Marriage

In a word intended to reassure conservatives, Pope Francis told the bishops gathered in the Vatican Synod on the family Tuesday that Church teaching on marriage is “still valid,” while also urging them to broaden their horizons, instead of focusing on internal questions such as Communion for the divorced and remarried.


Catholic Converts Appeal to Rome to Uphold Indissolubility of Marriage

More than 130 notable converts to Catholicism have published an open letter begging Pope Francis and the bishops gathered at the Vatican Synod on Marriage and the Family to stand firm in teaching traditional Christian beliefs regarding the permanence of marriage, human sexuality, and the meaning of the family.


Pope Francis: In Broken Families, Children Suffer Most

On Wednesday, Pope Francis continued his reflections on the family, addressing the delicate question of divorce and separation, as well as its effects on family members. He invited his hearers to think more about the effects that adults’ actions have on the most vulnerable, especially little ones.

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Iran Launches ‘Matchmaking’ Service It Promises Is Not a Dating Site

The Iranian government, alarmed at the declining rate of marriage in the Islamic Republic, has announced it will officially launch a free online “matchmaking service” that officials insist is not a dating site. Unlike a dating site, users have no choice in who they are paired with upon subscribing to the service.