Former FBI Director James Comey


Comey: ‘Sure’ I Was Deeply Suspicious of Trump From the Start

Tuesday on BBC’s “Hardtalk,” former FBI Director James Comey replied “sure” when asked if he was “deeply suspicious and skeptical” of President Donald Trump “from the start.” Host Stephen Sackur said, “Seems to me in your dealings with Donald Trump, from


Comey: Trump ‘Is Actively Undermining the Rule of Law’

Monday at an event broadcast by CSPAN’s “Book TV,” former FBI director James Comey said President Donald Trump was “actively undermining the rule of law.” When asked about Trump pardoning Scooter Libby, Comey said, “I think it’s an attack on the

Weasel Move Comey

Comey: ‘Embarrassed and Ashamed’ by the GOP

Wednesday night on a CNN town hall event, former FBI Director James Comey said he was “embarrassed and ashamed” by the Republican Party in the era of President Donald Trump. Comey said, “I’m not a Republican. I’ve been embarrassed and ashamed

jake tapper

CNN’s Tapper: The President Is ‘Prone to Twisting the Truth’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper said President Donald Trump ” was prone to twisting the truth when defending himself.” Tapper said, “This morning President Trump is focused squarely on discrediting the Russia investigation. He was up

Planned Parenthood

FBI Official Confirms Receipt of Criminal Referrals of Planned Parenthood

The FBI’s assistant director of the Office of Congressional Affairs has sent a letter to the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, informing him the agency is in receipt of the committee’s criminal referrals of Planned Parenthood and its partners in the fetal tissue procurement industry.