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Generation Identity

Identitarians Occupy Brandenburg Gate, Slam Chancellor Merkel

The German branch of the anti-mass migration Identitarian youth movement occupied the iconic Brandenburg gate to slam the migrant policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The hipster-right Identitarians accomplished perhaps their biggest and most spectacular protest in Germany Saturday, unfurling a


German Intelligence Admits Spying On Identitarian Movement

The head of the German domestic intelligence agency has confirmed that his agents are spying on the anti-mass migration Identitarian youth movement. In a new revelation the chief of the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution, the German domestic spy agency,


Claim: Anti Mass Migration Activists Assaulted By University Professor

At a flash-mob style protest at the University of Klagenfurt the hipster-right Identitarians claim they were assaulted by a member of the faculty. A class at the University of Klagenfurt was interrupted by the anti-mass migration Identitarian youth group who staged


Germany to Spy on Hipster-Right Identitarians

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service announced the Identitarian youth protest group have reached the threshold to qualify for domestic surveillance. Head of the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection, Hans-Georg Maassen, has announced that the German branch of the hipster-right Identitarian movement


Austrian Migrant Policy Protests Bring Demands For Border Fences

An estimated 600 patriots marched on the Austrian border with Slovenia yesterday to protest the lack of border controls, and demand the government start building a fence. The group, which chanted slogans coined by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of

Austrian Border