206 Drugged Migrants Bound for U.S. Border Found Locked in Trailer in Mexico

Mexico’s National Institute of Migration (INM) officers rescued 206 Central American migrants trapped in a sealed semi-tractor trailer. The Guatemalan and Honduran migrants, including women and children, told authorities cartel smugglers drugged them to inhibit the urge to use a bathroom during the trip. The migrants were encountered in the Mexican state of Veracruz on Saturday evening.

National Institute of Migration officers find 206 migrants, including small children, drugged and locked in tractor trailer in Veracruz, Mexico. (National Institute of Migration/Government of Mexico)

18 Migrants Found in Sealed Tank Trailer near Border, Texas Man Arrested

A potential tragedy was averted in the small border city of Eagle Pass, Texas, when Maverick County Sheriff’s Office deputies stopped a tractor-trailer on Thursday. After noting suspicious behavior by the truck driver and noises coming from the trailer, the deputies searched the pneumatic tank trailer being towed by the driver and located 18 migrants sealed inside.

Deputies find 18 migrants locked inside a tanker trailer. (Law Enforcement Source)

Texas DPS Finds Migrants Loaded in Tractor-Trailer near Border

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper working in Laredo, Texas, observed a group of people suspected to be in the U.S. illegally get into the back of a commercial tractor-trailer. The trooper, working under Operation Lone Star stopped the truck for an inspection and found 11 people.

In this Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017, photo, a Border Patrol officer pats down several of the men that were found with a group of immigrants in a tractor-trailer in Edinburg, Texas. Police in Texas acting on a tip found the immigrants locked inside a tractor-trailer parked at a gas station …

150 Migrants Found in Mexico in Trailer Bound for Texas Border

Mexican government immigration officials found a group of 150 migrants locked inside a tractor-trailer headed to the Texas-Mexico border. Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents coordinated with the Mexican authorities to rescue the migrants from the life-threatening situation.

Mexican authorities find 150 migrants locked in tractor-trailer bound for the Texas border. (U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

Trucker Abandons 111 Migrants, Two Found Dead in South Texas

La Salle County Sheriff deputies responded to frantic 911 calls from migrants being smuggled in a semi-tractor trailer near Encinal, Texas, on Friday. Dispatchers could hear screams from migrants trapped inside the closed trailer traveling north and away from the border on Interstate 35. When the vehicle was encountered, two migrants were dead and 111 were apprehended after an exhaustive search.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents find a large group of migrants locked inside a tractor-trailer. (U.S. Border Patrol/Laredo Sector)

Tráiler con 71 Migrantes Detenido en Ruta a la Frontera de Texas

Traficantes de personas pusieron a 71 migrantes, incluyendo a un niño de dos años de edad, en la caja de tráiler en un intento de llegar a la frontera con Texas. El conductor del vehículo, que aparentemente está relacionado con el Cártel del Golfo de México, se paso  un puesto de control policial en el estado fronterizo de Nuevo León e incluso peleó con la policía mientras intentaba escapar.

Nuevo Leon Smuggling

Border Patrol Finds Tractor Trailer with 12 Migrants Inside

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a group of migrants locked inside a tractor-trailer rig at an interior immigration checkpoint on Highway 86. The human smuggler locked the 12 migrants in the trailer with no air circulation or means of escape.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien human smuggler and 12 illegal alien at an interior immigration checkpoint. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/El Centro Sector)