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ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN - MARCH 14: An aerial view of city scape is seen as a Pakistani flag is wawing in Islamabad, Pakistan on March 14, 2018. City staff prepared the city surroundings for being ready for celebrations of 23rd March Pakistan's National Day. Islamabad, being the capital city of Pakistan …

Pakistan Opens First Transgender School

The first school for transgender people has opened in Lahore, Pakistan, in another surprising step for LGBT rights in the strictly Islamic country.


Transgender: Pentagon Says Fewer Than 25 Soldiers Requested Genitalia Surgery

A Pentagon survey shows fewer than 25 servicemembers have used former President Barack Obama’s transgender rules to request free cosmetic genital surgery, even though progressive activists have argued for several years that 14,000 people in the military want to be treated as members of the other sex.


Trump’s Pentagon Deep-Sixes Obama’s Transgender Ideology

President Donald Trump’s Pentagon chief is reversing the pro-transgender policy set by former President Barack Obama, and will reject soldiers or recruits who demand to be classified as members of the other sex. 


Transgender Surgeries: Just One for Every 77,708 Americans

Only about 4,118 Americans surgically altered their bodies in hospitals during a 15-year period to appear like members of the opposite sex, according to a pro-transgender medical study of data from 2000 to 2014. 


Pentagon Restarts Transgender Recruitment

The Pentagon has restarted military recruitment of people who say they want to switch sexes, despite orders from President Donald Trump to exclude transgender individuals from military service. Officials announced Monday, February 26, that they had signed a recruitment contract on February


Reports: Pentagon Urges Trump To Embrace ‘Transgender’ Soldiers

Pentagon chief James Mattis is urging President Donald Trump to embrace the revolutionary political claim that every person’s legal sex is determined by their feelings of “gender identity,” not by their biology, according to the Washington Post.