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Barr: Full Body Scanners Coming to a Subway Near You

Nearly 30 years ago, a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, appearing in a sci-fi movie, Total Recall, walked through an entryway monitored in real-time by thuggish officials, as his skeletal form displayed a firearm hidden under his jacket. This 1990 theatrical episode is now coming to real-life — and the privacy implications are far from fictional.

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Report Shows Need to Secure Border from Official Corruption

The small number of bribery and corruption cases by employees at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could have a wider ranging impact on border security and immigration enforcement. The department’s 250,000 employees and vast law enforcement activities are about to be turned over to a new DHS Secretary who will have to address the emerging issue of official corruption.

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Report: Passengers From Mexico AGAIN Able to Skip Customs at JFK

Sources tell The Daily News that passengers on on American Airlines Flight 1223 from Cancun, Mexico last Monday were able to skip Customs. The incident is strikingly similar to a November snafu in which passengers — again arriving on an American Airlines fight from Cancun, Mexico — were able to skip customs.

John F, Kennedy Airport at sunset, New York City, NY )