Martin Sheen to Produce TV Series Claiming ‘O.J. Is Innocent’

Veteran actor Martin Sheen will produce and narrate a new documentary television series exploring new evidence in the infamous O.J. Simpson case that producers say could be enough to prove that the former football star was completely innocent of any

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O.J. Prosecutor Marcia Clark: He Would Have Been Convicted if He Were White

Marcia Clark, one of the lead prosecutors in O.J. Simpson’s infamous 1995 double murder trial, says it’s “incredibly painful” to watch a new dramatized television series about the case — and that if Simpson were white or not a celebrity, he would have been convicted.

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Billy Crystal Wants TV to Stop Shoving Gay Scenes in His Face

Comedian and actor Billy Crystal spoke to a crowd at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California over the weekend, where he revealed he believes modern gay scenes in television are “pushing it.”


David Schwimmer Cast as Robert Kardashian in O.J. Miniseries

The O.J. Simpson TV miniseries has been set for production, and while Cuba Gooding Jr. has already been set to play Simpson, another prominent figure in the very public 1995 murder trial was cast this week, reports US Weekly. Robert

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