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Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Deputies Will Be Wearing Body Cams Soon

“America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio tweeted on Monday to say that 700 body cameras would be distributed and issued to his deputies soon. He said, “I will be flipping the ON switch soon! Stay tuned.”

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District Judge OKs Settlement Ending DOJ’s Racial Profiling Suit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Last week U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver okayed a settlement that “that resolves allegations [that] Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office [allegedly] retaliated against its critics, discriminated against Latinos during the sheriff’s now-defunct workplace raids and punished Latino jail inmates with limited English skills for speaking Spanish.”

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Judge Orders US Marshals Back to Sheriff Arpaio’s Office

Breitbart News previously reported that on April 24 Judge Murray Snow both refused to recuse himself from a “racial-profiling” case involving Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ordered US Mashals to go to Arpaio’s office to seize documents and hard drives.

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Sheriff Arpaio to Send Posse to Guard Army Reserve Center

Sheriff Arpaio did this last week after an Army Terrorism Liason Officer reported “a noticeable increase in surveillance and the photographing of an [Army Reserve] facility.” Sheriff Arpaio was asked to send marked vehicles and posse volunteers to aid in protection until the “threat level of our soldiers declines.”