FRANCE : PRIMARY SCHOOL CLASS Reportage in Les Hélices Vertes primary school in Cerny, France. Year 5, year 6 multi-level class. AMELIE-BENOIST / BSIP

Pricy Tornado Shelters Required on Texas School Campuses

Updated building codes in Texas require new school construction to also include tornado shelters but the cost of safety has a hefty price tag for taxpayers. Those storm safe rooms can run up to 30 percent higher in already costly construction.

2016 SXSW - President Obama Keynote

Obama Touts Government Services at SxSW, Denies Disaster Aid to Texans

President Barack Obama was in Texas on Friday attending the annual SxSW event where he told millennials and others that government “does great things” because it “is delivering for everybody in this room.” His lecture was to those “who despise every level of government.” He did not tell the Texans who had their homes and businesses destroyed and damaged from severe weather and fires that he has denied them financial assistance.

Texas Cops Homes Destroyed

Texas Cops Help Officers Devasted by Tornadoes and Looters

Texas cops immediately went to work to help law enforcement officers whose homes or property were devastated by the deadly storms and tornadoes that hit northeast Texas. What was left in the devastation was in many cases taken by looters.

Youtube tornado Nathan Moore

Tornadoes Kill 11 in Texas

At least eleven are dead after tornadoes hit Texas near Dallas. The deadly storms left massive destruction in their wake and officials are still accessing the damage and death toll. Thousands are without power.


Severe Weather Hits Texas with Flooding and Tornadoes: Two Dead, Others Missing

Flooding, tornadoes, and severe damaging winds have hit the central and southeast portions of the Lone Star state. Two are dead and others are missing after being caught up in rushing flood waters. Tornadoes have touched down in three central Texas cities causing damage. Flash flood watch and flood advisory warnings have been issued for east central and eastern regions.