Train Derailment

Hurricane’s Rains Cause Train Derailment in Texas

A train derailment near the North Texas town of Corsicana is being blamed on flooding related to former Hurricane Patricia. The freight train derailed after flood waters washed away a section of the train tracks.

Train Derailment

Railroad Crashes Are Up, with Amtrak Leading the Pack

As the nation comes to grips with Tuesday evening’s Amtrak accident that took the lives of seven passengers, government sources reveal that rail accidents and derailments have increased over the last few years, with Amtrak’s rates higher than the rest.


Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia, Killing 6

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Rescue crews searched the mangled wreckage for victims Wednesday as investigators tried to determine why an Amtrak train jumped the tracks in a crash that killed at least six people, injured more than 200 and plunged screaming passengers into darkness and chaos.

APTOPIX Amtrak Crash

Illinois Oil Train Derails–Despite Extra Safety Equipment

The rail cars that split open and burst into flames during a western Illinois oil train derailment this week had been retrofitted with protective shields to meet a higher safety standard than federal law requires, according to railroad officials.