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Peter Thiel (Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty)

Peter Thiel Says Silicon Valley Failed America

Silicon Valley leaders are befuddled as both political parties — and venture capital giant Peter Thiel — are rejecting their agenda, which includes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, expanded H1-B immigration visas, new autonomous vehicles regulations, and “gig economy” worker reclassification.

Death Star (Colby Powell / Screenshot / YouTube)

Giant Death Star Stalks California Family Home

The Death Star is stalking a Northern California home. 2,000 square feet of PVC pipe and 162 joiners were used to make the skeleton of the giant 23-foot, 400-pound homemade ornament at the Lafayette, California home of the Powell family.

Haunted House McKamey Manor (McKamey Manor / Screenshot / YouTube)

Woman Regrets World’s Most ‘Extreme’ Haunted House

McKamey Manor in San Diego has been called the world’s scariest haunted house, where visitors submit themselves to an hours-long, horror-filled interactive nightmare that is ostensibly fun. But the attraction was apparently too much for one California woman, who says she’s been traumatized by her experience.


Heilaween: Harry Hamlin Dons Nazi Swastika for Costume Party

Actor Harry Hamlin dressed up as notorious Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious for a Halloween costume party on Friday night, sporting a leather jacket, sunglasses, a loose cigarette dangling from his lips — and completing the look with a bright red T-shirt emblazoned with a Nazi swastika.

halloween riot

WATCH: London’s Halloween Riot

A number of arrests were made last night at an illegal rave witch descended into a street riot. Revellers charged police, set bins alight and even threw a suspected petrol bomb. Police spent six hours trying to close down the ‘Scumoween’ rave on

School Bans Hispanic Student’s Hispanic Halloween Costume

A high school in Brampton, Ontario banned a student of Colombian descent from dressing up as a mariachi for Halloween, claiming it was ‘cultural appropriation.’ Joshua Sewerynek, a ninth-grade student at the St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, told MRCTV that he and his friends had planned

Happy Halloween from Breitbart Tech: Our Favorite Scary Games

In celebration of Halloween, the Breitbart Tech team brings you our favorite scary games, both new and old. Some of these may not fall specifically under the umbrella of the horror game genre but made the list based on their intense or unsettling gameplay experiences. Happy Halloween!

College Turns Halloween into Liberal Political Correctness Fest

Ghouls, ghosts, goblins, witches, warlocks, candy and costume parties are all the makings for All Hallow’s Eve, the big night of the year when kids of all ages dress up and go door to door, except for college students, who will celebrate a “culturally appropriate” Halloween, self-reflecting over the most important question of the night — is my costume offensive?

Gaming Celebrates Halloween

It’s All Hallow’s Eve, and no one celebrates quite like a horde of soon-to-be-dismembered polygons. Every year, developers roll out Halloween events for some of the biggest games. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best.