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Hispanic Voters

Mexico Embassy Spokesman: ‘America Is a Continent, Not a Country’

A spokesman for the nation of Mexico tweeted that America is “not a country” in response to Hillary Clinton’s Spanish-language take on the State of the Union address. Clinton tweeted her support for President Obama in Spanish during Tuesday night’s

Ariel Moutsatsos/Facebook

Backlash From Hispanics Against Hillary Clinton: #NotMyAbuela

Hillary Clinton’s clumsy pandering to racial groups, and her campaign theme of portraying herself as America’s Grandma-in-Chief, collided in a website post inviting Hispanic voters to think of her as their abuela, or grandmother.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks about relations with Israel and the situation with ISIS at the Willard Hotel, December 6, 2015 in Washington, DC. Clinton addressed guests gathered at the Brookings 2015 Forum. (Photo by )

Hispanic Doral City Council Rejects Resolution to Condemn Donald Trump

A resolution to condemn Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigrants failed Wednesday night to win approval of the city council in Doral, a city dominated by Hispanic immigrants and home to one of the billionaire businessman’s biggest resorts.