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WATCH: Texas Deploys Multi-Layer Border Strategy to Deter, Turnback Migrants at Border

Under Operation Lone Star, the Texas Department of Public Safety and National Guard Units deployed a multi-layer strategy to deter and turn back migrants attempting to cross the border from Mexico. That strategy includes the construction of physical barriers like border walls, fencing., razor wire, and rail containers, in addition to deploying tactical response units and marine operators.

Texas deploys a multi-layer border security strategy to deter and turn back border crossers. (Photos: State of Texas)

EXCLUSIVE: Sharp Decline in Migrant Apprehensions at Border Post Title 42

The number of migrant apprehensions along the southwest border with Mexico fell significantly in the first two days after the end of Title 42. Apprehensions averaged around 10,000 per day in the days leading up to the end of Title 42. That statistic fell by nearly half to an average of about 5,500 per day in the following two days.

People wait to apply for asylum between two border walls Thursday, May 11, 2023, in San Diego. Many of the hundreds of migrants between the walls that separate Tijuana, Mexico, with San Diego have been waiting for days to apply for asylum. Pandemic-related U.S. asylum restrictions, known as Title 42, …

Texas Military Deploys Additional Troops to Border Ahead of Title 42 End

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the deployment of an additional 545 National Guardsmen to assist in the newest surge of migrants crossing the border from Mexico. The deployment under the state’s Operation Lone Star comes days ahead of the expected May 11 end of the Title 42 migrant expulsion program.

Texas military officials deploy an additional 545 National Guardsmen to the border ahead of the end of Title 42. (Texas Military Department)

Texas National Guard Builds 2 Miles of Razor Wire Border Fencing near El Paso

While most families across the country celebrated the extended Christmas holiday weekend, members of the Texas National Guard built more than two miles of razor-wire border fencing near El Paso. Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed the Guardsmen under Operation Lone Star to build the barriers after the City of El Paso declared a disaster as migrants surged across the border.

Texas National Guard soldiers build three-layer concertino wire fencing along the Rio Grande border with Mexico. (Texas Military Department)

Texas Troopers Helping Reduce Number of Migrant Got-Aways near Border

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers assigned to Operation Lone Star are making headway in reducing the number of migrant got-aways making their way into the U.S. interior. Troopers track down migrants making their way through ranches located as far as 80-100 miles away from the Mexican border in addition to those being smuggled in vehicles, rail cars, and tractor-trailers.

Texas DPS troopers apprehend migrants in the brush. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Texas Steps Up Border Militarization with Deployment of 10 Armored Carriers

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the deployment of ten M113 armored personnel carriers to the state’s southern border with Mexico. The action by the Texas governor is in response to the federal government’s anticipated ending of the Title 42 migrant expulsion protocol and the expected increase in border crossings.

Texas National Guard Soldiers transport M113 Armored Personnel Carriers to the state's border with Mexico as part of increasing border security measures under Operation Lone Star. (Texas Military Department)

Body of Missing National Guardsman Found in Rio Grande

EAGLE PASS, Texas — U.S. Border Patrol agents found the body of a Texas National Guard Soldier who disappeared Friday morning after rescuing two migrants. U.S. officials recovered the body and transported the decedent to the Texas bank of the Rio Grande Monday morning.

U.S. officials recovered the body of the Texas National Guard soldier who disappeared on Friday morning. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Search Resumes for Texas Guardsman Missing in Border River

EAGLE PASS, Texas — The search for a missing Texas Army National Guard soldier last seen entering the Rio Grande to rescue a migrant north of Eagle Pass on Friday resumed on Saturday morning. An extensive search involving a Border Patrol dive team and other law enforcement resources was suspended late Friday.

Texas officials continue to search for a National Guard Soldier who went missing on Friday while attempting to rescue a drowning migrant. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Texas Mobilizes National Guard Ahead of Winter Storm

Governor Greg Abbott mobilized the Texas Military Department in preparation for the impacts of the impending winter storm. A massive cold front is sweeping across the state and is expected to bring heavy snow and icy conditions.

Texas National Guard members prepare to mobilize in advance of the winter storm. (Texas Military Department)