5 Times Paul Singer Funded Globalist Nonsense Before the Anti-Trump Dossier

Paul Singer, who through his Washington Free Beacon news outlet, appears to be the Republican behind what eventually became Fusion GPS’s now-infamous “Pee Pee Dossier” on President Donald Trump. It was hardly the first time the Wall Street Billionaire bankrolled anti-populist causes. Here of five of Singer’s worst globalist endeavors.


Hungary Searches International Trains After Bomb Threat

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarian police say they are inspecting all international trains arriving in Hungary after receiving an anonymous bomb threat. MAV, Hungary’s state railway company, said Wednesday that police haven’t found any explosives on any of the trains


EXCLUSIVE – Feminist Leader Phyllis Chesler: Women Strike Movement Hates Israel Instead of Islamic Misogyny

TEL AVIV – Leaders of the International Women’s Strike have no idea about the meaning of feminism and have hijacked the movement to protest the “occupation of Palestine” and “Israeli apartheid” instead of speaking out against the “occupation of women’s bodies” and “Islam’s religious and gendered apartheid,”  a leading Jewish-American feminist told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Phyllis author photo with credit

We Need To Talk About ‘Dr’ Jack Monroe’s Breasts…

I’m afraid I can’t stop thinking about Dr Jack Monroe’s breasts. I know that as an ex-lesbian-turned-self-declared-trans-activist this probably isn’t what she wants to hear from a middle aged cis-gendered male. I know she’s not a real doctor, it’s just an honorary

not a woman

Op-Ed: Texas and TRANs — Avoiding Short-Term Debt in 2016

If there’s an 18-year-old in your life — or if you’ve been 18 yourself, in the not-too distant past — you know that credit card invitations start clogging the mailbox right around that magic birthday. And whether you’re a “financial education” specialist or just your average parent, you know one of the first lessons an 18-year-old needs to learn is not to borrow when you don’t have to.

Texas State Capitol, Photo by Bob Price