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Exclusive–Rep. Mark Walker: Don’t Reverse Anti-Earmark Reform

“This is an historic moment to have Republican control of House,Senate and presidency and I believe that the people, who came to the polls sent a clear mandate that they want change here in Washington–drain the swamp,” Walker says. “We need to be talking about unifying and earmarks are another divisive issue,” he said.


Paul Ryan: I Am Running for Speaker Again

The speaker said he was proud of his Better Way agenda that he developed and now he was looking in the next session of Congress to executing the agenda. “There is a lot of unfinished work to do. I think I can do a lot to help our cause, our party.”

AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad

What Democrats Don’t Get About Donald Trump, and Republicans

What President Barack Obama and the Democrats have attempted to do for eight years has gone beyond the boundaries of the the Constitution; beyond the previous limits of what both parties considered possible; and, often, beyond what they themselves promised voters that they would do.