Afghan Migrants Claim Taliban Ties to Avoid Deportation

Called the “Taliban trick”, Afghan migrants who are scheduled to be deported are claiming to be members of the Taliban forcing police to open criminal investigations preventing their deportation. The German government wants to deport thousands of Afghan nationals because

Face-covered militants who they say are Talibans pose with an RPG in Zabul province, southern of Kabul, Afghanistan Saturday, Oct. 7, 2006. A Taliban commander said in a sit-down interview that insurgent fighters will battle "Christian" troops until they leave Afghanistan and a fundamentalist government is established in Kabul, warning …

Afghan Migrant Shot Dead Trying To Enter Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgaria – A man travelling with a large group of refugees from Afghanistan was shot by a border police officer near the south-eastern Bulgarian town of Sredets late on Thursday and died on his way to the hospital, a

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