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WATCH: Migrants Scale Federal Walls at Opposite Ends of Texas Border

Videos provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety show migrants breaching federal border walls at opposite ends of the state’s border with Mexico. In El Paso, migrants became aggressive when confronted by Border Patrol agents. In McAllen, smugglers ferried a ladder across the Rio Grand to scale a border wall.

Border Wall Breaches in El Paso and McAllen (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Cartels Lose Tactical Advantage as Texas Clears Border Island

Mexican cartels lost a major tactical advantage along the Texas border as state military units completed the clearing of an island located along the Rio Grande. The cartels have used the formerly brush-covered island for years as a staging area for human and drug smuggling.

Fronton Island, Texas.(Texas Department of Public Safety)

2nd Migrant Busted near Border with Child Porn in Two Days, Say Texas Cops

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers interdicted a human smuggling attempt near Bracketville and found a migrant with child pornography on his cell phone. This is the second bust in as many days of migrants illegally in the United States being busted by Texas troopers with child porn on their cell phones.

Dagoberto Corea Mende arrested for alleged possession of child porn. (Texas Department of

EXCLUSIVE: Migrant Rush Forces International Bridge Closures in Texas

International ports of entry in Eagle Pass, Texas, were closed for nearly one hour after a group of nearly 50, mostly Venezuelan migrants, attempted to force their way through one of the ports to claim asylum. According to a source within CBP, the group of migrants forced their way onto Bridge One but were repelled by CBP Office of Field Operations personnel who closed the gates and shut down all traffic on Tuesday evening.

CBP officers stand by to repel illegal border crossers at a port of entry. (U.S. Customs a

Texas Investigates Allegations of ‘Inhumane’ Border Policies Made by State Trooper

Texas Department of Public Safety Office of Inspector General investigators are looking into allegations of “inhumane” border security policies made by a DPS trooper deployed to the border region. A DPS trooper alleged he was ordered to “push people (migrants) back into the water to go to Mexico.” He also expressed concern over an order to “not give people water.”

Texas Highway Patrol trooper appears to instruct migrants to return to Mexico. (Randy Clar

Watch: Texas Police Marine Unit Arrests Suspected Migrant Smuggler in Rio Grande

Texas Highway Patrol troopers are using innovative techniques to reduce the migrant flow at one of the busiest border crossing spots in the nation. In addition to plans to construct a floating border barrier in the area, the agency is using drones and its Tactical Marine Unit (TMU) to arrest migrant smugglers in mid-river in the Rio Grande. On Tuesday, the unit surprised one suspected smuggler who was caught unaware of the airboat’s swift approach.

A Texas DPS Tactical Marine Unit arrests an alleged human smuggler in the Rio Grande near

Migrant Apprehensions at Border Hit 9K per Day, Says Texas DPS

The apprehension of migrants crossing the southwest spiked to more than 9,000 per day, according to an official with the Texas Department of Public Safety. This compares to approximately 7,200 per day during December — the highest month for the Biden administration and the second-highest month in Border Patrol history.

A large migrant group surrenders to Border Patrol agents in Brownsville, Texas. (Randy Cla

EXCLUSIVE: 21K Venezuelan Migrants in 12 Days Crossed Border into One Texas Sector

A Texas Department of Public Safety official told Breitbart Texas that Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents took nearly 21,000 Venezuelan migrants into custody during a 12-day period. The spokesman compared the current Venezuelan migrant surge to that of the 2021 Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio, Texas. During the 2021 crisis, nearly 20,000 Haitian migrants crossed into Del Rio from Mexico during a 17-day period.

Thousands of Venezuelan migrants cross the Rio Grande into a makeshift camp in Brownsville

Migrants Damage New Trucks on Train near Border in Texas

Texas Department of Public Safety Special Operations Group and Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 50 migrants hiding in rail cars carrying vehicles. During the search, law enforcement officers found new Dodge trucks that “sustained varying degrees of damage” from the migrants.

Migrants apprehended in Del Rio Sector during train inspections. (Texas Department of Publ

Texas Troopers Helping Reduce Number of Migrant Got-Aways near Border

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers assigned to Operation Lone Star are making headway in reducing the number of migrant got-aways making their way into the U.S. interior. Troopers track down migrants making their way through ranches located as far as 80-100 miles away from the Mexican border in addition to those being smuggled in vehicles, rail cars, and tractor-trailers.

Texas DPS troopers apprehend migrants in the brush. (Texas Department of Public Safety)