The Nuclear Option: Why Columbus Deserves His Day

In this era of Making America Great Again, it is true and wonderful to celebrate this great and glorious holiday and sing high praises for the good and daring adventurer who discovered America.


Diesel Giant Cummins Beats Tesla with First Electric Big Rig

Dominant diesel engine manufacturer Cummins just beat Tesla by unveiling the AEOS Urban Hauler Tractor as the first all-electric big rig. With Congress set to vote on September 6 to approve the national deployment of autonomous vehicles on September 6,

Cummins electric big rig (Cummins / Twitter)

Four People Found Shot to Death in Columbus, Ohio House

The Columbus Dispatch quoted police Sgt. David Sicilian of the homicide squad asserting, “It’s littered with four bodies, and it’s a pretty ugly scene inside. We obviously have a homicidal suspect out here who’s not afraid to kill somebody. We need to quickly find out who that is or the persons responsible for this.”