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The lexicon of tyranny

In response to 'It Was Incorrect, But Not Untruthful':

First we had "fake but accurate."  Now we've got "incorrect, but not untruthful."

Also today, we learned that the IRS is a "customer service" organization that we "voluntarily" do business with.

And "targeting" groups for IRS abuse based on their political beliefs "shouldn't happen," but it's "absolutely not illegal."  But we shouldn't call it "targeting," because that's a "loaded" and "pejorative term."  It hurts the feelings of IRS apparatchiks when we use such language.  

And this sort of thing wouldn't happen if the IRS had "a bigger budget."

Quite a few catchy phrases were added to the lexicon of tyranny today.

Almost forgot... we also learned that the Benghazi affair wasn't an outrage; it was "mistakes made without malice."

And all that confidential tax data from conservative organizations that somehow found its way into the hands of Obama loyalists?  Those were just "inadvertent" releases.  That's what IRS stands for now: "Inadvertent Release Service."


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