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Clarence Thomas Speech Marks 25th Anniversary on Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas offered a rare glimpse Wednesday at the Heritage Foundation into his 25 years of public service on the Court and the life of America’s longest-service African-American justice.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks at the memorial service for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at the Mayflower Hotel March 1, 2016 in Washington, DC.Justice Scalia died February 13 while on a hunting trip in Texas. (Photo by

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Left Nice Hours Before Attack

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that Clarence Thomas left Nice hours before a terrorist plowed through a crowded Nice street filled with Bastille Day revelers. The associate justice had been in the city teaching a program through the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

AP Photo/Tribune Review, Sidney Davis

Supreme Court: Pennsylvania Chief Justice Cannot Rule on Death Penalty Case

In a 5-3 split decision, last Thursday the Supreme Court held that Chief Justice Ronald Castille of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court cannot be part of deciding a convict’s case because 30 years ago he was one of the prosecutors involved with the original prosecution, creating an “impermissible risk” of bias that would violate due process.

AP Photo/Dave Martin

Klukowski: Trump’s Supreme Court List a ‘Conservative Goldmine’

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took a big step toward rallying GOP conservatives around his candidacy with his list of potential Supreme Court picks, Breitbart News Legal Editor Ken Klukowski told Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily on

The Associated Press

Trump’s SCOTUS List Gives America Clear Choice

WASHINGTON—Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took a big step toward rallying GOP conservatives around his candidacy with his list of potential Supreme Court picks, a who’s-who list of legal conservatives which draws a sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

The Associated Press

Clarence Thomas: Faith, Patriotism, and the Constitution at Hillsdale

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the 2016 commencement speech at Hillsdale College — the highly respected liberal arts school famed for its adherence to conservative principles — garnering national attention as he declared, “Much that seemed inconceivable is now firmly or universally established.”

AP Photo/Tribune Review, Sidney Davis

Supreme Court: City Violated Cop’s Free-Speech Rights

Last week, the Supreme Court held that when the government mistakenly believes a person is exercising his free-speech rights, yet that person is, in fact, not exercising any rights at all, it still violates the First Amendment to punish that person for what officials thought he was doing. The Court’s conservative justices disagree.

The U.S. Supreme Court is seen in Washington, Monday, March 7, 2011. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Texas Attorney General Wins Another 90 Days at SCOTUS for Voter-ID Law

WASHINGTON—On April 29, the Supreme Court issued an unusual order denying the relief requested by challengers to Texas’s voter-ID law, but also sending a signal to the appeals court currently examining the law, informing the lower court that it only has until July 20 to make a final decision, so that the Supreme Court would have time to act if necessary before the 2016 election.

Ken Paxton Texas Attorney General

MSNBC’s Reid Scolds Guest for Criticism of HBO’s Clarence Thomas Movie

MSNBC’s Joy Reid scolded guest Mark Paoletta, a former lawyer for the George H.W. Bush administration for critiquing the depiction of Angela Wright in “Confirmation,” HBO’s movie about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill because Wright while hosting on


Daily Mail Calls Justice Clarence Thomas ‘It’ in Hit Piece

On a day that marked the first time in 10 years that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas uttered a single word from the bench, the British-based tabloid Daily Mail mocked Thomas’s rare inquest in a vile headline: “IT SPEAKS! Justice Clarence Thomas asks a question in court for the first time in 10 YEARS in gun case .”


Clarence Thomas Breaks 10-Year Silence: Speaks from Bench in Defense of Gun Rights

On February 29, during a Supreme Court case revolving around misdemeanor domestic abusers and gun rights, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas broke his 10-year silence from the bench to ask the government’s lawyer to list any other situation where a “misdemeanor violation suspends a constitutional right.”

Clarence Thomas Speaks from Bench

Supreme Court Justices Pay Tribute to Antonin Scalia

WASHINGTON, DC—As the nation says goodbye to Justice Antonin Scalia, each of his colleagues issued statements praising their departed colleague. The statements from each of the current members of the Supreme Court are reproduced here:

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Justice Antonin Scalia Joined Justice Clarence Thomas in Opposing ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) refused last year to intercede and reverse a Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruling that upheld the “assault weapons” ban in Chicago’s Highland Park. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas dissented–Antonin Scalia joining him–suggesting that wordsmiths were finding categories of guns to ban by listing types of firearms outside those explicitly in focus in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008).

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images