Bernie Sanders Loses Nevada, Wins Hispanics

With 90% of the vote in, Bernie Sanders is losing Saturday’s Nevada Caucus by a margin of more than 5 points (52.6% to 47.4%). As he musters on with a narrow loss in Iowa and a massive win in New

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Poll: Carson, Trump Beat Hillary in Florida; Jeb, Rubio Lose

A Survey USA poll of 2712 registered voters in Florida taken between Wednesday and Sunday (or four post-CNBC debate days) shows that in a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton, outsiders Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson would defeat the former-Secretary


Jeb Bush Echoes Obama: ‘Todos Somos Americanos’

On Tuesday, former Florida governor Jeb Bush released a new ad designed to appeal to Hispanic voters presumably outraged by the immigration positions of 2016 presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and women outraged by Trump’s controversial comments about women ranging from Megyn Kelly to Carly Fiorina.

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NY Times Op-Ed Mocks Ted Cruz: ‘As Hispanic as Tom Cruise’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has fired back at a recent New York Times op-ed that questioned whether he was authentically Hispanic, and conservative Hispanics are pointing to it as yet another example of the media’s malpractice when it comes to covering issues of politics and ethnicity.

AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Rodolfo Gonzalez