Shaquille O'Neal

Kyrie Irving is Not Alone, Apparently Shaquille O’Neal Also Believes the Earth is Flat

Shaquille O’Neal is not about to let a little thing like satellite imagery and visual evidence get in the way of a hot science take. Following on the heels of NBA star Kyrie Irving, who said earlier this year that he believes the Earth to be flat. O’Neal has decided to eschew reality, and jump in to the flat-Earth debate.


Cavs PG Kyrie Irving: ‘The Earth Is Flat’

Cleveland Cavaliers all-star point guard Kyrie Irving believes Earth is flat. Irving reasoned on the recent “Road Trippin’” podcast that his skepticism of what is taught in schools stems from the “many holes” in our history. A partial transcript of

Air Jordans Black History Month

Nike Sells Black Sneakers to Celebrate Black History Month

Nike celebrates Black History Month by selling black sneakers. Surely the folks at Converse bang their Chuck Taylors against their foreheads for not coming up with this idea the world has patiently waited 4.6 billion years for.