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Mushnick Slams ESPN for ‘Embracing Racial-Slur Rapper’ Kendrick Lamar

Longtime sports columnist Phil Mushnick has about had it with the rank hypocrisy he sees on left-wing sports cable network ESPN, especially when he sees host Jemele Hill embracing a rapper who spews hate for women and constantly uses the “N” word. And this even after African Americans fought so hard for so many decades to be afforded their due respect in professional sports.


New York Post Eviscerates Lena Dunham: ‘Good Riddance’

The New York Post’s Maureen Callahan penned a scathing takedown of Girls star Lena Dunham Monday, after the actress and self-styled feminist apologized for publicly accusing a young woman who claimed she had been raped of lying.

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Donald Trump on Steve Bannon: ‘I’m My Own Strategist’

President Donald Trump reasserted his authority over his senior adviser Steve Bannon, noting that he was successful in the Republican primary before the former Breitbart News executive took over as campaign CEO.

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New York Post: The NFL Could ‘Fall Like Gladiators of Ancient Rome’

Mary Pilon of the New York Post went biblical, or at least ancient Roman, in prophesizing how she believes the demise of the NFL might come about. Pilon likened NFL players to “gladiators,” warning that the health concerns associated with football, such as concussions, might eventually cost the NFL their privileged place as the sport of choice for most Americans.

TO GO WITH 'Thailand-lifestyle-society-religion' by Jerome TAYLOR This picture taken on January 28, 2016 shows a student and helper arranging the necklace of a "luuk thep" (child angel) doll at the house of doll collector, producer and trader, Mananya Boonmee (not pictured) in Nonthaburi on the outskirts of Bangkok. Seats …

Flight to Israel Delayed After Cleaner Confuses Doll with Bomb

This story originally appeared in the New York Post: An Israel-bound flight from Cyprus was delayed after a doll — and a malapropism — triggered a bomb scare. A cleaner aboard the Aegean Airlines plane on Tuesday found a box


Iran’s Ayatollah Releases New Book Outlining Plan to Conquer America, Israel

Iranian ‘Supreme Leader,” the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has released a new Persian-language book, titled Palestine, in which he reveals his regime’s plans to conquer America and Israel. On the back cover, Khamenei is described as “the flagbearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem,” the New York Post’s Amir Taheri, who obtained a copy of the book, reported this weekend.


NYP: China Bets Obama Lacks Guts to Stop Massive Land Grab

You may not have noticed, as ISIS expands its reach across Iraq and Russia fuels conflict in Ukraine, but the odds of an armed confrontation between the United States and China just dramatically increased.