'A Walk Among the Tombstones' Review: Dark, Compelling Anti-'Taken'

"A Walk Among the Tombstones" is not "Taken." In mood and tone, it's much closer to "8MM" (1999) and to Neeson's own brilliant but underrated existential thriller "The Grey" (2011). The year is 1999. The world is bleak. The Y2K apocalypse looms. The city is New York, but it's not the real New York. Giuliani doesn't exist. David Dinkins still runs things and Disney and Applebee's haven't yet moved in.
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Phil Robertson Didn't Mention Gays -- The Wrap Says He Attacked Them

The Wrap published a post Wednesday titled, "‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Delivers Another Anti-Gay Rant: ‘Horrible Diseases Follow Immoral Conduct.’" The only problem with that headline is that the story doesn't even come close to supporting it. Nor does the actual audio of Robertson's comments. If you listen the full recording (it's embedded in the Wrap piece), Robertson never once mentions gays, lesbian or any kind of sexuality. It's obvious Robertson is talking about the wages of promiscuity. 10 Sep 2014

Die Antwoord: Afrikaans Has Never Been This Cool Before (Review)

NEW YORK, New York - The South African hip-hop shock rave duo known as Die Antwoord ("The Answer," pronounced DEE AHNT-vuhr'd) has kicked off its U.S. tour, and played to a packed, sold-out Terminal 5 on Tuesday evening in Manhattan. The performance, a burst of profane energy from start to finish, brought to life the group's zany YouTube videos and--more remarkably--had an American crowd singing along in Afrikaans. 10 Sep 2014

Summer Movie Wrap-Up: The Winners and Losers

Summer is over. With the release of "A Walk Among the Tombstones" and "Maze Runner," the Fall movie season will officially begin in about 10 days. While we wait, this seems like a good time to look back and, in some cases, re-evaluate the offerings of the summer movie season. Rather than a list of best-to-worst, let's think about it in the same way everyday moviegoers do: Will I buy the Bluray; maybe buy the Bluray, or pray for memory bleach? 9 Sep 2014


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