New ABC News/Stephanopoulos Deal Seen As Boost for Hillary 2016

With the power of ABC News behind him through the next presidential election, Stephanopoulos will be of great benefit to Hillary Clinton, should the former Secretary of State decide to run for president in 2016. Stephanopoulos was not only a close confidante to her husband, President Bill Clinton, Stephanopoulos is widely credited with launching the Democrats' phony but effective War on Women meme.
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Politico 'SHOCK REPORT': Conservative Groups Advertise on Talk Radio

In one of its more bizarre attacks against the political right, Thursday morning the left-wing Politico published a lead splash, written by Ken Vogel, a former-George Soros employee, that contains nearly 3500 words of smoke pretending to be breaking news of a scandal that involves conservative Tea Party groups that advertise openly on conservative talk radio. 17 Apr 2014

North Carolina Nun's Homosexuality Lecture: What Really Happened

The national reports say the controversy was over a lecture Sister Jane Dominic Laurel of the Nashville Dominicans gave to an all-school assembly last month. The lecture—given to a largely bored student body, most of whom weren’t even listening—focused on Catholic teaching about men and women, relationships, and something known to Catholics as the Theology of the Body, a dense teaching developed by Pope John Paul II. 16 Apr 2014


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