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Another "Mock" Hearing - Great

In response to Out of This World: Six Former Congressmen to Hear Testimony About Space Aliens:

"Congressional style", huh?

What is it with Democrats and "pretend", "fake", "mock" hearings?

I'm reminded of  the "mock" hearing Congressional Democrats threw for Sandra Fluke in Feb/2012 to launch their election year "Republican War on Women" narrative. 

Yes, that hearing was run by currently serving Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, but it took place while congress wasn't in session.

As noted by CBS News senior political producer Jill Jackson On February 23:

Led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats held a pretend hearing while Congress is not in session to listen to the views of a third-year Georgetown Law student and activist who was not allowed to attend a Republican run hearing on the matter last week.

 I guess this is their way of pushing fake issues into the mainstream...

I just don't get how this plays into any agenda, other than to line Kilpatrick's pockets with that crazy alien research lobby money.


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