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Rep. McDermott Suggests IRS Testimony Not Reliable

Rep. Jim McDermott was criticized yesterday for lecturing witnesses who appeared before the House Ways and Means Committee to discuss their treatment by the IRS. Today he appeared on Megyn Kelly's show and insinuated the witnesses may not be telling the truth:

Kelly: Jim Kookogey talked about how they lost a $30,000 donation because a lot of people don't want to donate to groups that haven't received that stamp of approval in officially becoming a 501(c)(4).

McDermott: That was not under testimony under oath. I don't know...

Kelly: Do you reject it?

McDermott: Any proof. He didn't offer any proof.

Kelly: So he was lying?

At this point McDermott got angry and demanded that Kelly stop putting words in his mouth. However that was the clear implication of McDermott's comment, i.e. that Kevin Kookogey (not Jim as Megyn Kelly mistakenly said) might have made up the story about a withdrawn donation.


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